Did you get a call from us?

Oxfam IBIS has a call centre at its headquarters in Copenhagen, staffed by dedicated Oxfam IBIS employees. Their main task is to have a good conversation about how we can eradicate extreme poverty and inequality through, for example, education, as well as support and support for the work of Oxfam IBIS from all the people they call.

Oxfam IBIS has called you if you:

  1. Are already a member or supporter of our work in other ways
  2. Have met Oxfam IBIS somewhere on the road and said yes to be contacted
  3. Have provided us with your contact information in connection with our promotions
  4. Have asked Oxfam IBIS to contact you
  5. Has allowed to be contacted by organisations such as Oxfam IBIS

We will not call you if you have been in contact with Oxfam IBIS in the past and have requested us not to call you.

Why is Oxfam calling IBIS?
We call you because we depend on the commitment of the Danes and support for our work to eradicate extreme poverty and inequality. Only with the support of the Danes can we continue our work, which every year helps tens of thousands of people out of poverty and into schools so that they themselves can build a better future.

Who's calling?
A group of Oxfam IBIS employees who know the organisation and who are passionate about our work. At Oxfam IBIS, we believe that an open and honest dialogue with our contributors is the best way to explain our work and justify asking for support. You know it's us, as we always show the number when we call: 88 53 30 65 or 89 88 85 34

See the Code of Conduct (PDF), they work by.

Is it safe to provide information over the phone?
We sometimes ask for bank details and Social Security numbers if you need to create in direct debit service, for example. It's perfectly normal practice. Of course, we treat all information confidentially and correctly in accordance with the law.

Oxfam IBIS complies with ISOBRO ethical guidelines for telemarketing (PDF)

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Oxfam IBIS's member service during business hours at phone number 53 39 29 99 or by mail medlemsservice@oxfamibis.dk.