Bliv Latinamerika aktivist

The visibility of Latin America in Denmark is important, especially when the Danish media downgrades the coverage of the region. The activists in the Latin America group arrange, among other things, an annual Latin America festival, Oxfam IBIS Latino film evenings and debate meetings etc.

Through the planning of these events, the activists help to increase the focus on inequality issues on the Latin American continent, but these events also provide an opportunity to enjoy Latin American film art, crisp Latino vibes and socializing.


The Latin America group is active in several different ways through:

  • Film screenings and debate meetings to engage more people in the discussion of political, social and cultural issues in Latin America.

  • Campaign work and demonstrations to focus on areas that require action such as indigenous rights or deforestation.

How to come along

There are Latin America activists in Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen and you can sign up by filling out the form below. If you have questions about the Latin American groups, or you are interested in starting a Latin American group in your own city, feel free to write to the volunteer coordinator.