Review of IBIS’ ALP in South Sudan

15. mar 2013

With funding from DANIDA IBIS started first project phase of Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) in South Sudan in 2007, followed by 3 consecutive projects. The ALP programme consisted of support to 45 ALP centres with app. 2.000 learners and 150 teachers. Capacity building of PTAs, communities and Education Authorities were other programme components. With the fourth project phase (2011 – 2012) IBIS exited the ALP programme in December 2012 and handed the ALP centres over to the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI) in Central Equatoria State. Since IBIS’ support to Education in South Sudan will continue beyond the ALP programme, IBIS commissioned a review of the ALP programme in January – March 2013 in order to assess how far the ALP programme reached its objectives; and how lessons learned including good experiences can be transferred to a new Education Programme in South Sudan.

The purpose of the review was:

  1. to review the performance of the ALP project in relation to its objectives and outcome; and
  2. based upon the findings, to give recommendations on IBIS’ further work with education in South Sudan

Read the entire rapport:

Review of IBIS’ Accelerated Learning Programme in South Sudan