New study: Reframing literacy in crisis contexts

07. okt 2020

Worldwide, 773 million young people and adults lack basic knowledge of literacy and numeracy. Two thirds of them are women. 

“Reframing literacy in crisis contexts” is a research study drawing on case studies from literacy interventions by Oxfam and partners in South Sudan, Mozambique, Chad, Central African Republic (CAR) and Sierra Leone and with input from EFSVL, Protection, PHP and protection colleagues. It was carried out by Oxfam IBIS July - September 2020. 

The study sought to explore if literacy activities, when implemented as integrated interventions with livelihoods, gender, protection and/or community engagement and empowerment activities would contribute to achievement of greater collective outcomes. The report affirms this and suggests on broader scale, literacy skills could contribute not only to gender equity but also enhanced humanitarian action. 

Read the full report here or the summary of the report here