Natural Resource Watch July 2015

30. jun 2015

Report on: Sub-Saharan Africa July 2015

Many developing countries are endowed with abundant natural resources, such as oil, gas and minerals. While extraction of these non-renewable resources presents an opportunity for rapid economic growth and poverty reduction, few countries have actually
managed to convert the endowment of natural resources into sustained and inclusive growth.

The Natural Resource Watch series examines the policy and economic trends of the extractive sectors in a number of natural resource-rich developing countries. The purpose is to make data from the extractive sector more accessible and understandable for all citizens,
which is a precondition for an open dialogue on how the extraction of natural resources can lead to a path of equitable development.

This volume sheds lights on the Sub-Saharan African region.

Natural Resource Watch: Report on: Sub-Saharan Africa July 2015

This issue was written by Nikolaj Thorborg and Morten Blomqvist