Teacher training in Ghana

Improving the quality of teaching by training teachers in modern tried-and-tested methods that focus on the learners is a vital part of improving the quality of education. In IBIS’ teacher training, teachers are taught how to include the students in the learning process through participatory methods and group work, using the surroundings and real life situations of the learners.

Emphasis is put on inclusion to ensure that girls and less confident pupils are also given the chance to participate so they are not left behind or drop out. With good teachers in the school, the children learn more, and both girls and boys have a greater chance of reaching a higher level of education.

In the East Gonja District of Ghana’s Northern Region, IBIS supports the District Assembly and the Ghana Education Service in the training and professional development of hundreds of untrained and volunteer teachers to serve the deprived schools in the district as part of the setting up of wing schools. The project provides in-service training, meaning that teachers receive training on-the-job with direct support from staff of Ghana Education Service and District Assemblies that are trained, supervised and monitored.