Every day, everywhere, all over the world, women and girls face violence – at home, in the street, at work, at play, at rest. It is rooted in the gender inequality and discrimination they face all their lives. At least one in three women will experience some form of violence during their lifetime.

As always, it is the poorest and most marginalized women who suffer the most. Being one of the least developed regions of the world, gender based violence is a huge problem in West Africa. 38 per cent of women living here have experienced physical violence in their life. One in eight has experienced sexual violence. 

Through the Enough!-project, we will empower women and girls in Mali, Liberia and Ghana to claim their rights to a life free from fear and violence. We work in two ways: By strengthening the capacities of local civil society organizations and women’s groups, so that they can influence communities, state and institutions around them. And by challenging harmful social norms and practices which are the root causes of the problem.

We help the women and girls who experience violence to claim their right to a life free from fear and violence – by providing legal support, health services, safe spaces, crisis counselling and livelihood opportunities. And we work with governments, law-makers and institutions to ensure their policies and practice work towards resetting the imbalance of power. 

We want to be an allied to women and their organizations fighting violence and inequality in Mali, Ghana and Liberia, and we support them in organizing and developing new ideas. Because we believe that active citizens who join forces are the ones best suited to fight inequality and violence in their own lives and communities. They are the ones who can create lasting change. Only by working together, we can end the injustice of violence against women. Join us!

The Enough!-project is part of Oxfam's global campaign to end violence against women and girls - find it here


Project overview - Ghana

Project overview - Mali (french)

Project overview - Liberia

About the programme

DONOR: The project is funded by the European Union. 

PARTNERS: It is implemented by a consortium of Oxfam IBIS, Oxfam in Ghana, Oxfam in Liberia, Foundation for Community Initiative, WiLDAF/Ghana and WiLDAF/Mali. Together we will work with at least sixteen civil society organizations before 2022.

REACH: We will reach more than 6200 women and girls needing protection from gender based violence. And we will reach out to more than 3700 men and boys and 900 traditional and religious leaders and other opinion leaders to make them our allies in the fight. 



This project is funded by the European Union.

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