Energy for opportunity

Energy for opportunity’s (ENFO) strategy is to develop innovative ways in which to promote and implement the use of renewable energy sources. The emphasis is threefold: Installation, training and advocacy. This includes direct solar installation projects in schools, health clinics, community centers, etc.; training on renewable energy for students in partnership with local education institutions; and the active promotion of the use of renewable energies in the offices and projects of government bodies and international organizations. Thus, the objective is not just to deliver renewable electricity through projects, but also to instill a philosophy of renewable energy use across the broader community and promote it as a viable source of income.

ENFO has established a regional office in Sierra Leone and is developing programmes with other local partners in West Africa. The plan is to establish long-term partnerships where ENFO provides expertise and support while increasing local technical capacity.


  • Installation of renewable energy installations including solar and hydro power, mainly for schools, health facilities and other public structures
  • Development of training courses in installation and maintenance of renewable energy installations and training of trainers
  • Establishment of Community Charging Stations including training of community members in maintenance and operation
  • Promotion of solar power and other renewable energy sources for sustainability and protection of the environment

Cooperation with Oxfam IBIS

ENFO is working with Oxfam IBIS and WeltHungerHilfe on a project to alleviate poverty by using renewable energy sources to generate income and further development. The collaboration with IBIS focuses specifically on advocacy for use and implementation of renewable energy sources and on provision of electricity to schools to power computers and allow for evening classes as well as training of youth in installation and repairs of renewable energy installations.


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