Education for All - Sierra Leone

Education for All (EFA-SL) is a coalition of several local member organisations across Sierra Leone. They work with all relevant players in education to achieve Millennium Development Goal number 2: That every child of school-going age is enrolled in school and receives quality education by 2015.

They work with ministries to influence the political agenda to push for prioritisation of education, and with other NGOs to realize the six Education for All goals.

Once a year they organise the Global Action Week in Sierra Leone with activities to remind the government and other leaders about their commitments to achieve these goals.


  • Advocacy to push for prioritisation of education through research, discussion forums, and media engagement
  • Working closely with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to influence education policy and legislation
  • Organising Global Action Week in Sierra Leone once a year

Cooperation with Oxfam IBIS

Oxfam IBIS and EFA-SL work together at the national level with the Girl Child Education Fund; issues pertaining to the process and effectiveness of the devolution of education governance in Sierra Leone; and capacity building, assessment and organisational strengthening of the coalition and its members.


16 Robert Street, Freetown
T: +232 33 803 740 / 33 867 669 / 78 196 197
Contact person: Joseph A. Cobinah, National Coordinator