Community Development Consult Network

Community Development Consult Network (CODESULT) is a non-profit organisation focusing on provision of skills and knowledge to strengthen local leadership. The organisation was founded in 1997 and it has its head office in Asankrangwa. CODESULT currently works in Aowin Soaman, Bibiani Anwiaso Bekwai and Wasa Amenfi West Districts.


  • Information and campaigning against child labour with a focus on the importance of education
  • Training of Water and Sanitation Committees
  • Support to setting up farmer groups and training in business management skills
  • Facilitating the development of Community Action Plans
  • Training of peer educators
  • Training of Child Protection Committees at community and district levels
  • Information and campaigns to promote better health and sanitation
  • Training of School Management Committees (SMCs) and Parent Teachers Association (PTA) on school governance
  • Forest conservation

Cooperation with IBIS

CODESULT has partnered with IBIS since May 2013 in Bibiani and Atwima Mponua districts. They are part of the effort to eliminate child labour and improve basic education in cocoa growing communities by carrying out community sensitization, and training community and district stakeholders as well as school governance structures.


P.O. Box, 63, Asankrangwa, Western Region
T: +232 274 127 888 / 208 900 398
Contact person: Robert Obiri-Yeboah, Executive Director