CHOICE Ghana is a non-governmental organisation founded by several smaller civil society groups in East Gonja District in 2005. CHOICE Ghana is part of the East Gonja Civil Society Association (EGOCSA), a network of CSOs in the district. The organisation considers the ability to have choices in life, despite a poor or otherwise marginalised background, to be basic for human needs. It also sees education as the most important way to sustainable human development and works actively to achieve quality education in East Gonja. The aim is to transform East Gonja District from one of the poorest in the country to a model district for the rest of Ghana.


  • Community Mobilisation for adult literacy and wing schools
  • Training and mobilisation of School Management Committees
  • Focus group discussions on socio-cultural practices that affect girls education
  • Organising School Appraisal Meetings (SPAM)
  • Community sensitization on re-generative health, access to quality health care, water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Facilitating communities’ access to information and engagement with duty bearers
  • Research and Advocacy

Cooperation with IBIS

The relationship between IBIS and CHOICE Ghana is an indirect one and it started in 2011. The organisation has a direct partnership with EGOCSA, a constituency based organisation that has been working with IBIS since 2004. Usually, EGOCSA recives funds from IBIS and signs agreements with CHOICE that details the responsibilities, the “dos” and “don'ts” of the partnership to facilitate programme implementation.


P. O. Box SL99, Salaga, East Gonja District
T: +233 208 279 998 / 245 743 291 / 201 235 617
Contact person: Mohammed Seidu, Executive Director