26. Aug 2020

Jennifer was sexually abused and got pregnant as a teenager. She was very close to giving up on life before it really started. But a local women's group helped her out on the other side

26. Aug 2020

In theory, violence against women is illegal in Guatemala. But in reality, the perpetrators are almost never punished. It can and must change, says judge Verónica de León Xovin - a woman who really changes the world

04. May 2020

Achieving good quality in education and ensuring access also to marginalized groups has proven to be a challenge in the strive to secure education for all. EOL is set up to support CSO’s who can mobilize communities and provide innovative solutions to meet these challenges. Global Programme Manager...

23. Apr 2020

EOL just launched a new call for proposals. It comes amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and will ensure that civil society can play its essential role.

10. Sep 2019

Until a few years ago, women's rights were not discussed in the village of Janzon in Liberia. Then the strong women of the village joined forces, and now they are demanding more influence and equality.

10. Sep 2019

It is not right that someone can rape a little girl and never go to prison – but this can happen when cases are settled in the 'traditional' system rather than in the judicial system. In collaboration with Liberia police and nurses, Oxfam is trying to get more women to report gender-based violence.

09. Sep 2019

Mariah, mother of Janet, 28, mentally handicapped and deaf as a result of epilepsy: “It makes me so angry to think about what happened to my daughter. A man assaulted and raped her down on the beach two years ago. A witness came by and interrupted it, and Janet managed to find her way home. She was...

09. Sep 2019

Beatrice is one of the thousands of girls and women who experience violence and rape in Liberia every year. Every single number in those statistics hides a tragic story like hers.

05. Aug 2019

Introducing Education Out Loud - a new Advocacy and Social Accountability Funding Mechanism to support civil society

17. May 2011

The dead tolls in the village Mandari has in a few years gone from one funeral of an AIDS victim a week, to one every half year. Today people in Mandari depart from the same reasons as people from the rest of Ghana - accidents, illness or age. This is partly due to the new openness and awareness of...