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Vision, mission and values


Oxfam IBIS is working for a just world in which all people have equal access to education, influence and resources. Together with our partners, Oxfam IBIS combats global inequality and poverty.


  • Locally: We strengthen individual rights and opportunities to take part in society by ensuring access to knowledge and good education.

  • Nationally: We support democratic development that promotes collective rights and popular participation in policy decisions to benefit the poor and oppressed groups.

  • Globally: We defend poor people's interests and we find intelligent solutions to structural problems causing global economic inequality and poverty.


Justice and solidarity

We are all equal and therefore everyone is entitled to equal rights and possibilities to develop their potential regardless of differences in origin, gender, religion, sexuality or ethnicity, and without discrimination. We fight in solidarity with the marginalized, the ones left behind – women and men, boys and girls, young and old, in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Denmark and across the world. Together we demand justice when injustice is done. Together we can change the world.

Action for change

We take action to create change even, when it is challenging. It takes more than hope and courage to change the world and address the challenges we face today. It takes committed action to bring about structural change on the causes of the problem, rather than the symptoms, and we stay engaged for the long-term. Through coalitions, knowledge and innovation we act to bring about transformative change.

Responsibility and integrity

We strive to ’walk-the-talk’ and live up to the highest standards of responsibility and integrity. We are accountable to the people we work with - donors, supporters, partners, and staff – for ensuring appropriate ways of working. We focus specifically on ensuring women’s rights and protection in all areas of the organization and addressing power inequlities. We have a special responsibility as perhaps the most influential global civil society organization to maintain and constantly strengthen our integrity in all that we do.

Yuli is a Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HWDI, Indonesian Women with disability Association) leader, and states that women with disabilities often face GBV and many don’t have any idea on how to report the assault. She originally joined Oxfam partner Adara initiatives for its incentives, but started participating in more workshops for the new people she could meet.
Oxfam IBIS’ strategic plan
We are proud to share with you the strategy of Oxfam IBIS 2018-2022. We envision a future where all people will live in just and peaceful societies and where fulfillment of rights, access to influence and resources, and opportunities are achievable for all. Our future holds the prospect of a life of dignity for all, and an economy that works for all and not only for the few.
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