Annual turnover 2017/18 (15 months)

Oxfam IBIS' total turnover in 2017/18 wa a bit more than 336 million kroner. The turnover was ekstraordinary high as we changed to Oxfam fiscal year which rund from April to March.
And the 2017/18 turnover included both the frame and the Strategic partnership with Danida.


In 2017/18 Oxfam IBIS used 5,9 per cent on administration and 4,9 per cent when communication and fundraising was excluded from the figure.


The Frame and the Strategic Partnership allocatins from Danida amounts to 60 per cent of Oxfam IBIS' income. 35 per cent of Oxfam IBIS' income comes from other institutional donors – especially SIDA and the EU.

Money collected from private donors, foundations, TV-collection and others, amounts to 14,3 million kroner or 5 per cent of the total turnover.

Nearly 100 per cent of the used money has been used on longterm development work. Including the advocacy work in the countriesh. In 2018 Oxfam IBIS initiatede the humanitarian activities financed by the Strategic Partnership with Danida.

Oxfam IBIS CVR-nummer

Oxfam IBIS CVR-number is 88 13 64 11