We constantly strive to improve the quality of our work. And we are open to complaints about:

  • Our work in Denmark
  • Our work abroad

The system can handle both operational complaints and sensitive complaints. It ensures that all information about sensitive complaints is treated confidentially.

A sensitive complaint is typically a complaint about corruption, violation of our ethical rules, sexual exploitation or another gross violation of our personnel policies. An operational complaint is typically a complaint about the quality of our work.

You can complain in two ways:

  1. Call head of Operations in Denmark Ole Møs on +45 40 58 69 71 or e-mail om@oxfamibis.dk
  2. Write to the independent company NAVEX, who Oxfam has engaged to investigate complaints about conditions in all countries where Oxfam is working. You can do this from this link: www.oxfam.ethicspoint.com

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