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Talks Beyond Growth: a speaker series on socio-ecological crisis and capitalism

How is the current economic system aggregating environmental and social injustice, and how should the system change so that we attain a safe and just society within the planetary boundaries?

10.3.2023 kl. 17:00 - 12.4.2023 kl. 17:00
Nyt Europa in collaboration with Oxfam IBIS and Rethinking Economics DK

Such questions are at the core of this digital speaker series exploring the interlinkages of capitalism, climate crisis, and inequality. We'll be putting capitalism under a microscope and take a closer look through different lenses.

Throughout eight talks, some of the brightest experts within their fields unfold errors of capitalism and introduce new sustainable perspectives on how to fix these errors.

Don't worry, acquaintance with the different perspectives is not a prerequisite for participating. Talks about the economy are not only for politicians and economists; they are for everyone.

How to join

Talks Beyond Growth is FREE of charge, however, sign-up is required. Follow this link to sign-up for the full series:

The talks are taking place online on Zoom. A link to Zoom will be provided before the event (therefore, remember to sign-up).

More information on each talk will be provided as we move forward.

Facebook events for each talk will be posted together with seperate sign-up options – check it out here.

Make sure to hit the 'Join Event' button as we'll be posting all sorts of relevant material on this site for those interested in diving deeper into the different topics.


  1. Postgrowth is not a problem but an opportunity

    Speaker: Nick Meynen, Senior Policy Officer for Systemic Change, European Environmental Bureau

    Date: Feb. 14, 15:00 CET

  2. Planetary Justice Against the Planetary Managers

    Speaker: Jason W. Moore, World-Ecology Research Group, Binghamton University

    Date: Feb. 22, 17:00 CET

  3. What Doughnut Economics means for business

    Speaker: Erinch Sahan, Business & Enterprise Lead, Doughnut Economics Action Lab

    Date: Feb. 28, 15:30 CET

  4. Oil, Conflict & Capitalism

    Speaker: Cyril Obi, Program Director, African Peacebuilding Network

    Date: Mar. 10, 17:00 CET

  5. Feminism as a Resistance to Capitalism, Colonialism & Racism

    Speaker: Lebohang Liepollo Pheko, Senior Research Fellow, Trade Collective

    Date: Mar. 22, 17:00 CET

  6. Contours of Feminist Political Ecology

    Speaker: Wendy Harcourt, Professor of Gender, Diversity and Sustainable Development, Erasmus University

    Date: April 5, 17:00 CET

  7. From Downscaling to Global Justice: On the need of linking climate reparations and regrowth

    Speaker: Matthias Schmelzer, Institute of Sociology, Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena

    Date: April 12, 17:00

  8. TBA

Talks Beyond Growth is developed by Nyt Europa in collaboration with Oxfam IBIS and Rethinking Economics DK.

A special thanks to all the speakers for their time and for contributing with their knowledge on these critical issues. And to CISU and Europa-Nævnet for supporting the development of the Talks Beyond Growth series.